I started working on these collages during the pandemic.  I was given a gift of about two hundred photographs my mother took in 1994-1995 of her students' work in Hofstra Saturday classes.  I was intrigued by the fact that most of the images were taken with the art board as a background and none of the photographs were at right angles .  The obvious connection to the theme of the show are the images of death and just a general unease. Lisa Kaplan

Hope is a digital painting created during the Covid-19 pandemic which focuses on the hope and expectations our community has during this difficult time.  Hope to spend time with their family members and friends playing, dancing, talking, and doing fun activities together again. Rosanna Soriano

 "The Beautiful Wood" could have connection to Black Lives Matter movement in its basic material of wood. It stands 45" tall and about 31" wide. The oak is a 6" thick slab and as you can pan up it is bound loosely by a black rope. The stand and base are artifact generates; meaning antiques from other uses.  John Bright

Margo Mead

“Meadowlark of 2020”

Acrylic on canvas

12” X 12”




.,,Flying free,

Running here, going there. Now, no more.

Locked within, and crying out,

Blue skies, flora, family, friends,

Are we lost?

Ida Owens "Urban Trees Bear Strange But Familiar Fruit" This piece explores the modern-day lynching of African Americans.  I make reference to Trayvon Martin while speaking to the many brutal, violent, senseless, and racially motivated killings that have taken place historically over time and continue to occur today.  it gives nod to the song "Strange Fruit" , recorded by Billie Holiday in 1939.  As a protest song, comparing victims to the fruit of trees, it came to symbolize the practice of lynching in America's South.  The richness of oil paint sticks and acrylic paint on canvas were my mediums of Inspiration.

"A Time to Talk"
This piece is an illustration for a children's book I illustrated, written by Sandy George, titled A Time to Talk: Raising Antiracist Kids (available on Amazon). The story begins when young Liam hears vocal but peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters outside his window. The sight of a group of angry people with signs marching on the street leads to an uncomfortable but important family discussion about inequality, race relations, and oppression. Through this conversation, Liam learns how to be an ally and not a bystander. Michael Young 
"Struggles" These are deeply painful times. We are always in prayer, hoping for change.  How many more of us will die and how many more mothers will cry?  Albert Justiniano

I am from the tribe of teachers

I am not perfect

I am not a perfect teacher but....

I give of myself in more ways than you could imagine

as does my colleagues.

I am a teacher

I stand tall and proud with my brothers and sisters of the tribe of teachers.

I teach because I can.

I teach because I care.

I teach because that is the choice I have made in my life.

'm proud to be a teacher.

Can you find it in your heart to see the worth of teachers all



especially in America?

Brian Matta

"Awakening". a diptych, evolved as the world and I "re-opened" after a long pandemic shut down.  The images are full of symbols of creativity, stability, growth, relationships, transformation, and the wonders and diversity of Nature.

Forms are reaching,bursting, radiating. A snow bird from NYC, rather than having to quarantine myself I chose to remain in Sarasota .

Joan Davidson

This artwork shows my life as an art teacher in NYC during the Corona virus pandemic, when the only sounds of the city were sounds of ambulances.  The whole wold happens inside a cold metal laptop, where 100 individual, colorful souls ask for help. From the student who lost his father and now has nothing to eat, to those scared. So many souls day after day,  Meanwhile the world outside the computer, including myself, turns into a fog, a memory, a ghost. 

Ali Irizarry, "Virtual Souls"

I was home from work on "Safety Leave" starting from late March until late June. I didn't shave.  Thus the first image.  I eventually decided four and a half months was enough.  Thus the other two pictures of my facial transition.  

The third is my homage to Dali.  I had the pleasure of a brief encounter with the master years ago when I was a bicycle messenger in Manhattan.  A memorable experience it was.  Tim Brennan

"The Brooklyn Bridge Protester"

Although I was afraid of possibly getting Covid, I could not stand by without voicing my outrage after George Floyd's murder,  While marching in a crowd over the Brooklyn Bridge, a young man stood out above those around him with a provocative sign, mask and wearing Colin Kaepernick's number.   To emphasize his message, I printed the background of the bridge with the American flag and a second slightly larger print of the young man and cut him out and mounted him on foam to elevate him from the crowd.

Jackie Cruz

In Solidarity for the HUMAN race  YOU matter WE matter  photograph by Anu Sieunarine

Three colleges titled "Existing in 2020"  by Wendy Werner

"Covid19 or No Covid" The world has suffered from one of the most devastating, indefinable, and highly unexpected surprises to mankind.  Covid19 has been very brutal and merciless to our loved ones. Therefore, we are obliged to respect and obey simple preventive rules in order to avoid the extermination many have succumbed to.  Remember that when there is life, there is hope.  Be strong, smart, watchful, and never give up even in the face of adversities.  Love the world around you!
Billy Moro-Wey
"The Gracious Family" People celebrate joys and acknowledge sorrows in various ways within families around the world, and these traits are passed on from one generation to another.  Your smile in the house as a parent brightens the world around your children, and gives them hope in life. It is a strong family value that everyone needs. Keep your family intact even in the face adversities like Covid19. Billy Moro-Wey